Why content technology?

Because for creators-at-scale and digital marketing teams, there’s always something new and cool out there. Not everything’s perfect for your business and not every tool fits into your roadmap. But some are worth your time and your money.

This newsletter covers the operations and business of publishing content online, focusing primarily on web and email content. Sometimes we’ll dive into video and social as well.

Each newsletter usually features:

  • An essay on a content-related topic, like UX, SEO or content analytics. Sometimes I cover web best practices or media issues, but usually I try to stick to practical info for content creators.

  • A review of software relevant to content creators

  • A list of links related to subjects covered in the newsletter.

What is a content technologist?

A content technologist helps businesses and individuals understand the tools and services they need to create, manage, distribute and evaluate their content in the digital marketplace. And for even more information, check out this blog post.

Who is she?

Deborah Carver is a consultant who lives in Minneapolis. Here’s her bio and her LinkedIn.

Will this newsletter ever be paid?

The Content Technologist newsletter and content is free forever for the first 1,000 subscribers. We’re nearing that threshold, so subscribe now to access the full archives of The Content Technologist forever.

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